Check Your Drinking

Welcome to Alcohol Help Center 2.0

Are you concerned about problem drinking? Do you think you might need to cut down or are you thinking about quitting?

Signing up is both free and anonymous, and gives you access to personalized exercises, tools and information that will help you:

• Assess your current (or past) drinking patterns
• Compare your drinking to others who are your same age and sex
• Prepare for cutting back or quitting and learn about personal triggers
• Track how much you drink or how long you stay abstinent with your own diary
• Set goals
• Create a reward program
• Plan ahead for emergencies or high risk situations
• Connect with or coach others in our anonymous and expert moderated Support Group
• Opt in to receive motivational emails
• Create your own blog or upload your own motivational video
Without signing up you can also Check Your Drinking, assess your Blood Alcohol Concentration, browse the online support group, or simply learn more about problem drinking.

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You do not have to purchase any products to use this free program. Please remember that this program is not to replace the advice of a healthcare professional.